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The Journal




The Story


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What is this?

This is a personal website… It is a place where I share my thoughts with the world… my love for music and my life story… It’s a website that talks about mental and physical illnesses at it’s ugliest and at it’s most beautiful moments…

Sometimes it can seem that I’m crossing a line of some sort… but I’m writing this for ME… so I try to be as open and honest as I can…


The Journal

Journaling has been a big part of my life for a very long time… I have handwritten journals from since I was 13 years old… There are drawings, music notes and words…

Way back in 1998 when I got my first computer with an internet connection I started sharing my writings online. At first it was just written out in HTML with no fancy journaling software like we have today. Most of my first online journal entries got lost on the way… but the oldest entries on this website are from 1999…

The Story

Through out the years of blogging I have shared bits and pieces… I’m still working on this part of my website… It might take a while…

Remembering the past can be extremely painful… but with that said I do feel that I have the right to talk about it… and not only that… I have an obligation… duty… to talk about it… Not only because I survived to tell the tail… and for the fact that I want to continue to live… but also because I have an obligation to those who are suffering… in past or present… and those who are considering to end their lives to end their pain…

This is the newest part of my website and still under construction

The Music

My piano has been my life line through out my life… and in so many ways literally saved my life a few times… There is no doubt in my mind that music can heal the soul…


From the Journal

My Mind & And Body


The Battlefield
""My Scars Tell a Story…They are reminders of when life tried to break me, but failed""

You wake up from a nightmare in the middle of the night... and it takes you awhile to catch your breath and to realize it was only a bad dream...

You try to go back to sleep thinking: - "It could be worse" -  It's not really happening.... none of it!

....but the scenes and voices from the nightmare won't leave you alone....

You debate in your head weather or not to wake up your best frien

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  1. New Dawn - New Beginning Gabriel J. Arsante 4:09
  2. Se non sei qui - If You're Not Here Gabriel J. Arsante 6:49
  3. Untitled - Original Composition-Dark Gabriel J. Arsante 3:03
  4. Untitled Original-old Gabriel J. Arsante 3:39
  5. Lullabie - On my Mind (Aug 2015) Gabriel J. Arsante 3:10
  6. Il nascondiglio - The Hiding Place Gabriel J. Arsante 4:20
  7. Something Nameless - Original Gabriel J. Arsante 7:00
  8. Undititled Original 2015 Gabriel J. Arsante 2:07
  9. Memories - Tomorrow Never Came (Memories - 2013) Gabriel J. Arsante 2:57
  10. Always... With You - Sempre... Con te Gabriel J. Arsante 2:08
  11. Little Girls Gabriel J. Arsante 3:45
  12. Untitled May 2015 Gabriel J. Arsante 7:33