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Remember... Every Moment You Get is a Gift

What is this?

This is a personal website… It is a place where I share my thoughts with the world… my love for music and my life story… It’s a website that talks about mental and physical illnesses at it’s ugliest and at it’s most beautiful moments…

Journaling has been a big part of my life for a very long time… I have handwritten journals from since I was 13 years old… There are drawings, music notes and words… all writtin while I was living in fear and while being physically and emotionaly tortured by the very person that was supposed to love me…

I need to write… and I need to put it out there… that’s the only reason this website exists… 

Way back in 1998 when I got my first computer with an internet connection I started sharing my writings online. At first it was just written out in HTML with no fancy journaling software like we have today. Most of my first online journal entries got lost on the way… but the oldest entries on this website are from 1999…  Throughout the years I’ve had people that wanted me silenced…  My father being one of them… and at some point… even myself…  but…. I’m still here… 

The Lessons of Life

Life has taught me that no matter what… that in every situation you always have a choice… you can chose to let ‘it’ destroy you …or you can let it make you stronger… You and only you… have the choice to either listen to your inner voices of destruction… the ones that tell you to feel guilt, regret or sadness.. the ones that take away your ability to feel nothing but misery… or you can chose to take that experience, learn from it… and move on… teach you to turn each future moment into something to be grateful for…

I cannot deny that I have dealt with a lot in my lifetime and when everything is put together it is probably more than most people ever have…

Tortured physically and emotionally by my mother from as far back as I can remember until the day she died… sexually abused by her from the age of 13 and by a teacher repeatedly starting at the age of nine… The loss of my children… substance abuse… mental and physical illnesses… bad choices… some of them life altering… some that I will have to live with for the rest of my life… physical illnesses and countless opperations and medical procidures….

No matter what… I know that I am not alone …and through it all I’ve learned that I am indeed a lot braver than I believe, stronger than I seem and smarter than I think…

From the Journal

Time Out

July 31, 2018

Tails of Life and..... [put anything here]
"The truth is we ALL need a time out, time out to re-evaluate, find balance, heal, detox & time to breathe! "
Michael Baisden

I am avoiding social media....

I need some time off... and if anyone hasn't noticed some of my posts/statuses/comments lately... although I usually end up deleting those... they have not been very upbeat or put there with the preferred set of mind... or from the "man I want to be"....

Therefore I am just going to concentrate on other things... such various writing projects I have been wo

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