Let me introduce to you a very important lady that came into my life in mid June 1998. Her name was Judy Divers.

That night I met her for the first time was a very strange night… I couldn’t sleep…I was worried about my wife who had been submitted to a hospital the same day…she was going to have our 7th baby and her blood pressure had risen to high….

I was surfing on the Internet and came across a memorial website… It was a website made by a mother who had lost her teen aged daughter. I read on… I noticed that the daughters birth date was the same as my little twins, Kim and Meg…. at the bottom of the page I saw a link that said something like… “If you have lost a loved one be sure to visit the chat rooms at GROWW. They have saved my life”… I clicked on it… It was a website with chat rooms, message boards and lots of resources… Like in a trance I went for one of the chat rooms.

I cannot describe the feelings I felt inside when I entered the room… I felt like I was home… There she was, …like an angel or a fairy from a fairy-tales she swept away my worries…

After that night I became a “regular” in the GROWW chartrooms…and I am forever thank full to Judy for starting this place and allowing me to take part of the healing that goes on there… for listening to my rants and guiding me through some of the hardest months in my life…and no matter how busy she was she always had time for replying to my e-mails.
Judy left this world and joined up with our loved ones in heaven December 5th 1999

A letter to Judy.
Dear ((((((((((((Judy)))))))))))))
I am sure you are having a ball up there…exchanging stories with our loved ones about all of us from GROWW… We have fun talking about you too LOL your cooking (yes we are still talking about that) …and how much of you is still in the chat rooms… your unconditional love…your hugs that always made a person feel a little better…

I still keep your e-mails…the replies you sent when I was feeling down…. and I take them out and read them when ever I am having a hard time… they still help me…. they give me hope and knowing that someone like you believed in me is my strength for each day…

Today I lid a candle for a very special lady, I celebrate your life…your work…and your love…. and everything that you’ll keep on doing for people through those who knew you…. You will never be forgotten….
I Love You

  1. Broken Butterfly Wings Gabriel J Arsante 7:27
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