I’m having one of those days when I feel like I can’t write anything worth writing… Last week was difficult but I survived it… My kids came for a visit yesterday afternoon…and as much as I wanted to talk to them about what they had been doing since I last saw them…all I could do was to sit and hold them and never let go… I think even though the had been looking forward to see me they were equally looking forward to leave LOL…
To day was extra special…:) *Wink* to *someone* that is very special to me. It’s kind of weird (not bad weird though *g*) when you think about it that someone you have never talked to or hardly ever had a chance to chat with online…can have that so much effect on you….but weird or not…it’s a good feeling and I wouldn’t want to miss it for the world…

When I started this entry I was going to list my positives for the day which is something that I haven’t done in a long long time…. It may not be much but here they are..

  • 1. my kids
  • 2. this and especially the person behind it.
  • 3. my friends …all of them… and you (yes you)
  • 4. my hugely yellow bear
  • 5. Greymatter
  • 6. A cup of fresh coffee
  • 7. A good day like this one.

How long is it since you’ve listed your positives??

  1. Broken Butterfly Wings Gabriel J Arsante 7:27
  2. Coldplay - A Sky Full Of Stars - Piano Cover Gabriel J Arsante 4:30
  3. No. 11 Piano Gabriel J Arsante 2:57
  4. Forever in my Heart Gabriel J Arsante 3:36
  5. Chopin Piano Concerto No. 1 - Movem. II - Romance, Larghetto Gabriel J. Arsante 9:58
  6. Canon In D 2014 Gabriel J. Arsante 2:28