I, as so many others, have been wondering, that because of what has been happening in the world, how can I continue posting here… how can i think of anything worth saying here? Well…. I probably don’t have anything worthy to say anyway so …. oh yes I have a lot of things to say…. it may not be much to you but it sure hell is a big deal for me… and that’s what this is all about

I’ve been reading all kinds of news sites, forums, mailing lists and other internet community writings over the last few days…. One of the topics in most of those places has been about religion… mostly about Christianity… one of those hit a little bit too close to home…

I have said here before that I am not one of those people that beliefs that there is an all mighty god that has everything planed out… or as some say… that he is guiding you and all you have to do is listen….. I can only speak for myself…. I don’t want anyone that has higher power making plans for me… My mother and father, not a spirit, put me on this earth… I survived abusive childhood because of my ability to survive… that was given to me by my patents, before them, through their parents and so on…

I can not understand why some people can be so narrow minded and take something that was written many many years ago, and even think of it as the truth…. There might have been a man who walked on this earth many years ago who said: “follow me and I’ll promise you eternity” ….. but why should I belief everything he said as to be the truth and why the hell would I want eternity?

I realize that there are people that are not as extreme as this guy but how can a man say something like this and then take it back when it is clear to every person with common sense that this is how and what he feels….

If Christianity is about tolerance and forgiveness why does god have to punish people?

Call me stupid or tell me that I will go straight to hell….. I much rather trust today’s lawyers or my own conscience to tell me what is bad or good than some idealists that lived centuries ago.

I am a male that is attracted to both sexes… I am proud of it. I don’t need anyone to “safe me
– No praying for my soul please

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