bad bad bad is about 6 years old…. he say he is bad bad bad, meaning that he either did something bad or “she” told him he was bad…or probablly both. he sreems before he comes out, he stutters,
I feel… when he’s out i see him and i hear him…but i can’t contact him…he doesn’t see me… and I can’t prevent him from going out or make him come out…. after he goes back in i feel bad… like i’m all dirty and i feel i need to have a bath… i feel sick… tummy’s upset

crewinme (02:16:41 PM): i’m not safe
crewinme (02:16:44 PM): i’m bad
friend (02:16:48 PM): I’m sorry
friend (02:16:53 PM): your’e not bad!!!!!!!
friend (02:17:01 PM): I’m trying tomake everyone shut up
crewinme (02:17:35 PM): they won’t stop
friend (02:17:44 PM): who wont
friend (02:17:50 PM): my peoples?
friend (02:17:57 PM): they all want to talk toyou
crewinme (02:18:08 PM): no mine they screem
crewinme (02:18:34 PM): they not safe
friend (02:18:56 PM): ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Gabriel))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
crewinme (02:19:10 PM): we scard screem
friend (02:19:52 PM): I’m sorry
crewinme (02:20:15 PM): boy do bad bad bad things
crewinme (02:20:28 PM): mes bad bad
friend (02:20:57 PM): no you’re not bad
friend (02:20:59 PM): who is this
crewinme (02:21:03 PM): no tell tell no on tell
friend (02:21:37 PM): I won’t tell
crewinme (02:21:38 PM): secret secret no tell
friend (02:21:44 PM): <

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