These questions were posted in one of my daily reeds, the Dark Personalities Journal.

1. Do you ever find yourself in the body without knowing why? Is there anyone you can talk to if this happens
who could tell you why, or is it all just random?

Yes… that happens often with us… but usually we are able to figure out the reason either shortly after or
after a while sometimes it takes weeks to find out…. I don’t remember a time when we haven’t been able to find
at least one tiny reason though those reasons may have seemed little to other people…

2. Can animals be multiple?
Why not? They have minds don’t they? Do animals think? In my opinion anyone/thing that can “think” and has a
will of any kind…can also be multiple. For example my computer can’t be multiple because it’s doesn’t think..
it has to be operated by someone… I really don’t know though but that’s more maybe because we haven’t really been around animals that much… When we were younger we had some *bad* experiences with some animals so we don’t really like to be around “real life” animals just maybe pictures and teddy bears 🙂

3. Can plants be multiple?
Again…I don’t know…but I think that animals have a better change as maybe being able to be multiple.

4. Is God a multiple?
I don’t believe in *God* as such… I believe however what God stands for and that is kindness, tolerance, forgiveness’ and love… and because of that I don’t believe *God* can be multiple…but there are multiple ways of expressing and living by the philosophy of *God*.

5. If a multiple dies, where do the people go? Do some go to one afterlife, and some to another, based on what they believe?
When people talk about “a multiple”…to me that means a body that has many living inside…. therefore I am “a multiple” to other people To me this is just a word to use to describe us…. and I believe that the body can die. I have experienced death of those I love. To me those people are lost because their bodies died… I can no longer see them or give them a hug… I don’t know where they are, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t know where I am….

I think though that the question you are asking is more about if one person inside a multiple system can die…
Honestly I don’t know but I don’t think so…. I think that it is more that either they “go to sleep” or “go away” (I don’t know where exactly though) I don’t believe that a soul and a body is the same thing… A soul can’t die but a body can…. A soul can’t have an accident or a deadly decease but a body can….

5. (more) Do they all go to the place that the majority believes in? Do the atheists cease to exist?
If you mean that I think that when someone dies they go to heaven…. I say that a heaven is a *word* that people have made up for something good…a good place where the feelings an individual consider bad do not exist… A heaven doesn’t have to be the place we can read about it the Bible…or any other religion… it is a place that people *want* or hope to end up in….
An atheist is to me a negative word… and a word that a person of one religion uses to belittle another person that doesn’t believe in the same god or gods….

6. Is there any famous person in history that you think might have been a multiple?
We don’t know….but sure it’s possible… we just haven’t read enough to answer this question…

7. Do you believe it’s possible for adult singletypes to “become” multiple, or do you stick to the old theory that only children are able to “split off”?
I don’t think just anybody can “become” multiple…. I think that multiplicity is something that “develops” in childhood… I don’t think that people are born *multiple* really…no more than a child is born bad/evil or good…. however a child can be born with the “talent” of being able to be a multiple… just like a child can be born with a musical talent as an example… Not every child that is born with a musical talent grows up to be a musician…the same goes for multiplicity….

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