By “some other multiples”, we are probably what is referred to as “trauma multiple” (I fucking hate that word btw). I’ve said it before somewhere in my journal, that I don’t think we were born multiple but what the hell do I know?… none of us has any memories before the body was 2 years old so we can’t really know that can we? Yes we went through “trauma” but that doesn’t have to be the reason why we are multiple…. some of us were never abused or have been through any kind of trauma… I admit that people in this system deal with shit that can be referred to as a disorder but that does NOT apply to all of us… and therefore the multiplicity can’t be a disorder… not for us at least… we are people… each of us with their own interests, ideas and feelings….

And as for the phrase “trauma multiple” *sigh* Some of us defiantly and without a doubt have PTSD but that does not apply to all of us! Does that make *all* of traumatized? I don’t think so!

As for the word “disorder” or the meaning of it…. To me that is something that is when things are totally out of a person’s control and it is disrupting his or her usual daily life…. It is NOT a disorder when someone else see a person as disordered or when a person doesn’t fit the “norm” (what ever that is). Something that is considered normal in one society can be considered abnormal in another. To me multiplicity is normal… I can however understand people who haven’t educated themselves on it will see it as a disorder or way off from being normal… but think about it of a minute…. If you had 30 people in a room… a few of those people can be getting help (or have in the past) for depression, panic attacks or eating problems… would you then consider the whole room as having a disorder? I’m pretty sure your answer to that question would be no…. but this is what multiplicity is about…. a group of people in “a room” ( the room being a body).
mar & gabriel (+ some inputs from: damian, rain and darquel)

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