“It’s dark and it’s cold outside” she says “and that is where you should be right now….”

he puts on his shoes… he wished for new shoes… new socks too maybe…. something that didn’t have holes in it… He was only allowed to use shoes with no holes when he had to be somewhere where people could see…

“No coat this time” she said. “That’s the best way for now.”

she opens the door and the little boy walks slowly towards the freezing night…. the wind isn’t too strong so it’s going to be fine…. he considered himself lucky because this time she said cloths were OK… she didn’t even say anything when he put his shoes on.

“Now remember to walk around and don’t lay down.” he heard her say as he started walking away from the house. He was scared and he was cold… If only the moon would come out…. then it wouldn’t be so dark….

He didn’t look where he was going but all of a sudden, as he woke up from his thoughts, he noticed he was only a few feet away from the river. He had been there so many times before…. it was like his feet knew where to take him…

A few crocked trees…. behind them his secret place… his home away from it all and where he could lay down and rest….

He wasn’t sure how long he had been sleeping… it couldn’t have been more than 10 minutes…. but he heard a sound…. He looked up from his hiding place and saw the brightest and the biggest moon he’d ever seen before…. “Come and dance with me… play with me” a little voice said from the behind…. and they danced and plaid in the moonlight… they laughed…. it felt good…. from this moment on they would be…. la gente della luna…. the people of the moon….

Note: This is originally from an old journal/writings dated December 1978, or when I was 13 years old… translated to English February 2002

  1. Broken Butterfly Wings Gabriel J Arsante 7:27
  2. Coldplay - A Sky Full Of Stars - Piano Cover Gabriel J Arsante 4:30
  3. No. 11 Piano Gabriel J Arsante 2:57
  4. Forever in my Heart Gabriel J Arsante 3:36
  5. Chopin Piano Concerto No. 1 - Movem. II - Romance, Larghetto Gabriel J. Arsante 9:58
  6. Canon In D 2014 Gabriel J. Arsante 2:28