This morning I discovers that one of my lils (inside children) had been reading one of the mailing lists I am on. On this list there has been a heated delusion about lils (children within multiple systems) and it’s mostly based on how many children in multiple systems spell.
Many lils don’t spell very well… The fact is that even though by interacting with lils they seem to me just like any other children… They like things that other (singleton) children like… but inside children are in a “big” or grown up bodies using the same brain that the grown ups in the system so their way of thinking and learning can be different form the “outside world” children… They have been here longer so to speak…. at least mine have…

Those of you who have either talked to one of them online or been to their blog or web pages have seen how they spell… In my opinion they are doing a great job in their spelling…

Now I have never had to teach an inside child to spell, I have never had to teach my inside children to write in English… they have come up with learning that on their own… It may not show as much as it used to now but I have a reading/writing disability… I am a “grown up” (I think) and I don’t know how to spell….. Many lils only spell the words as they hear them… My lils are not “stupid” because they say “mes” instead of “I” or “I am”… they are not stupid because they say “ju” instead of “you”… The fact of the matter is that most of my lils didn’t know how to spell at all a year ago…not to mention that they didn’t know a word in English…. they can share their thoughts in writing now… bad spelling or good spelling… I don’t see that making any difference…

hi hi mes jonny. mes 4 an me lik to rit mes kno mes shud not red tat list cos somtim tey saj men tings but thei saj lils wo no spell so gud ar stupid tat mak me sad. mes kno mes not supid mes onli 4 an mes lern to spell allalon many bigs wod not lern to spel like tat mes not supid

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