I was surfing through the internet looking for the diagnostic criteria of DID among other things….
This is what said on one of the pages I came up with:

“. . . The most important thing to understand is that alter personalities are not people. They are not even personalities . . . . It is probably impossible to construct a satisfactory definition of an alter personality . . . . Alter personalities are highly stylized enactments of inner conflicts, drives, memories, and feelings. There is only one person. The patient’s conviction that there is more than one person in her is a dissociative delusion. DID is an elaborate pretending. The patient pretends that she is more than one person, in a very convincing manner. She actually believes it herself (Ross, 1997, p. 144).”

This is one reason why we are not DID!…

The thing is that :we: are not…now, in the past or the present…. just “:alter: personalities” of one person… each of us are people each with his or her own identity. For a :multiple: the only difference from people that are not multiple is that we share one body… A body does not make a person… we just use it to go around in this world….. This is why we choose to refer to us as “Multiple” instead of a person or someone with DID.

I suggest these pages for further reading:
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