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1. Do you have any tattoos? If no, why not and what would you get if you did get one. If you do have one or more, tell us how you came to get it, and why you chose the design you got inked with.
I don’t have any tattoos and the reason (so far) is that I don’t like the idea of having someone doing something with my body that causes pain… I have however thought about it for a while now and I wouldn’t mind having one …. It’s just that “psycho” thing I need to work through…

2. Has anything ever happened that caused you to believe, or disbelieve, in a Higher Power?
That depends on what you mean by “Higher power”… I believe that every person has a “higher power” within him or herself and it’s just the question of using that power… Some people use that power for “good” and some use it for “evil”…
I do not believe there is a God (some of :us: do though…just not me) nor do I believe that there is any other unexplainable power out there… we may not have the answers to everything out there yet… but the answer is out there….
I don’t know if there is an event or something that “happened” to caused me not to believe in a higher power… aka God… if it is so I don’t remember that event… It may have though since both my parents were/are Roman Catholic and I did have to read the bible and all that and I was told that I must believe in God… but I guess it didn’t get through…. and the more I think about it the more convinced I become that there is no god out there… at least I refuse to believe in a god that allows it’s own existence and actions be justified by “God’s Will”… I refuse to believe in “a god” that allows that a child can be tortured or killed (accidentally or not) and then for people to justify it as “god’s will”… and I think that is where my disbelieve in a “higher power” lies…

3. Have you ever seriously considered, or even attempted, suicide?
Yes… many times…. I lost count a long time ago….

4. Has anyone you have known committed suicide?

5. This weekend you and I are going to the nature park for a picnic. I’ll bring the blanket and make all the arrangements. You pack the picnic basket. What’s inside?
Hmmm I would probably go to much trouble trying to figure out what is your favorite cos oh well you are talking to a person that doesn’t really have much appetite and just eats because humans can’t live with out food…

6. Have you ever been mad at God for something that happened (or didn’t happen)?
Guess that in a way I answered that question already… but really as for me it’s not the question of being mad to god…(especially since I don’t believe there is one)… it’s more that I get mad at people that force their believes up on me… and yes I have been told that all my problems are because I don’t believe… I have been told that my children died because I don’t believe… and I can go on and on…
How ever this does not apply to all people… I have close friends that believe in God and believe that their religion has helped them through life… Two of those friends have websites hosted on this domain… One is my lil sis Bri and the other is my lil sis Carrie … :wave: luv ya guys 😉

7. Post (or describe) an image of someone that is no longer with us. Tell us about that person.
It was in May/June 1998. My wife :sunna: was pregnant with our son Gabriel and because of problems with her blood pressure being too high her doctor had put her in hospital for a couple of days…. just to be on the safe side… I was worried, bored and all that… and surfing on the web… which was very new to me back then :D.. I came across a website that caught my attention… it was a memorial site for someone’s daughter… I don’t remember names but what caught my eye was the date of birth (4/15) and date of death (8/16 of the webmaster’s daughter… (her date of birth and date of death being the same as my twins, Kim and Meg dob and dod)… I browsed through that website for a bit and noticed a small banner at the bottom of the page and text next to it that said something like this : “If you have lost a loved one, please visit this page”… and I did… This was my introduction to GROWW and to Judy.
Judy Divers
She may have seemed to those that never knew her…to be just letters on one’s computer screen… but to me and so many others she was a mother, a friend, a guardian angel, someone who was always there for people who needed her, someone who was able to make people believe that life was worth living no matter what… someone you could laugh with, cry with or be what ever the moment gave you… and it became every GROWW member’s dream to attend at least one GROWW gathering just to be able to give Judy a real hug and to be able to thank her for” everything”… On December 5th 1999 Judy lost her life to lung cancer but her hugs and her spirit live on with everyone at GROWW and each time I give (((((((((((someone)))))))))) this familiar internet hug I am reminded of my friend Judy Divers…

  1. Broken Butterfly Wings Gabriel J Arsante 7:27
  2. Coldplay - A Sky Full Of Stars - Piano Cover Gabriel J Arsante 4:30
  3. No. 11 Piano Gabriel J Arsante 2:57
  4. Forever in my Heart Gabriel J Arsante 3:36
  5. Chopin Piano Concerto No. 1 - Movem. II - Romance, Larghetto Gabriel J. Arsante 9:58
  6. Canon In D 2014 Gabriel J. Arsante 2:28