I found this in a blog I recently started reading Reed Me – A Blogger’s Disclaimer.
Although this “readme” doesn’t really say anything that I didn’t know, reading this made me think about how I write… about what I write about… and also how I read other people’s blogs…. and most of the time I don’t let people know I have read their writings….
In the past few months I have to admit that I haven’t been very active in visiting people other than the one’s listed in my “Daily list” here on the side and occasional blog in my old Daily, Hosted and Multiple Blogs Lists found here. Most of the blogs written by other multiples are on Diary-x.com and don’t have any comment feature though many of them have guest books. I think we’ve only signed one guestbook on a diary-x journal and only contacted one person in relation to a journal entry. The journals/blogs I read that are powered by MovableType, Greymatter or any other software that allows commenting should make it easier for me to let people know that I’m reading their writings…. but in reality they don’t. It’s quite often that I visit someone’s blog and want to say something… anything… leave a hug or a laugh or something more… but instead of actually typing out my thoughts I just go by and continue on to the next blog on my list thinking that someone else will say it better than I ever can… I know this is probably my lack of self esteem thinking like that…. but I wonder how important people who have blogs/journals think a comment from me really are…. or comments in general…

So what do I think of comments left in my journal?…. I love them… every one of them…. Many of you don’t comment in my journal but send me e-mail or e-cards instead…. I love those too…though I admit that in some cases I’d rather have those as a part of the site instead……But it doesn’t really matter to me if you, e-mail me, post a long comment or just say hi or leave a hug or what ever…. It lets me know that you have read my writings… I know that many of my entries are a bit crazy… sad… or even scary at times… and not an easy reading for many people… Some times I post entries that are difficult to understand because I write only bits and pieces of what my real thoughts are… and when I go back and read those entries even I have trouble understanding what I was talking about…. so no wonder others can’t….
The first part of the “read me page talks about real life… personal relationships and privacy… I know that many people who know me in real life read my journal…. most of those people I know about are family but there are also former co-workers…. I don’t really mind that too much anymore… I used to get all paranoid about it especially when I wrote about my past…. Maybe a part of my decision to just write about what ever is on my mind has to do with my inability to speak face to face with people…. I know that people feel that I am “very open” in my writings and that I write about things that seem extremely personal and maybe in a way I am…but there are also things that I don’t write about… and probably won’t ever write about in an “open” journal like this one because I know that people who know me in real life are reading this….
I don’t think I have to say much about the part about “if someone writes about you” other than I don’t really like it when others write about me… but I guess I could have been more polite in my reactions to those who have done so… I guess in some cases it’s fine that people write about me though…. and I know I don’t deal well with people saying “negative” things about me…even though I put myself down all the time…
…uhm now be nice…..tell me that you read this silly babbling of mine 🙂 ….especailly if you’ve been here before but never commented here before 😉

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