Ok where is that padded cell when I need it? I warn you this is an angry rant… and I am also very tired….
Ever since I posted this entry I have been having people coming to my site, through search engines, and many of them contacting me for more information… I know I can very well either just delete that entry, ignore these people and/or just don’t give a damn…. The thing is that I do give a damn… I also know that these people will continue surfing the net, looking for someone who will give them what they want… So why don’t I just give them the information they want? Do you really need to ask? If you do read on and be sure to click on the “more” link at the bottom…

I spent two #$% hours today trying to explain to a young girl that she does not want to be anorexic… Come to think of it… why the hell didn’t I tell her to go away and leave me alone? Oh stupid me didn’t want to offend her! Yes … offend her! I really did/do feel bad for her… but I’m pretty sure that she will just go and look for someone else who will tell her how to starve herself so she will lose a few pounds… or someone who will tell her how to throw up… She seemed determent to me… No matter what I said…

Yes, I admit I go to forums that have been labeled as they are promoting eating disorders…. but that is not how I see these forums at all…. I see them as a place where I can let go of my frustrations… I already know all the tricks… This young girl I talked to today wouldn’t get much out of going to these forums… she is a “wannabe”… and “wannabes” are not welcome… We don’t teach people who to slowly kill themselves….

…”nothing like that is going to happen to me”…. those were her words…. Oh please… get on a diet… stop eating candy and food that is high on fat… eat healthy and move your ass… Don’t wish for a disorder…. Be careful what you wish for it might come true…

The Real Dangers Of Anorexia:
Cardiac Problems, irregular heartbeat
Gastrointestinal disorders, risk of internal bleeding, ulcers, gastritis, and constipation
Amenorrhea, due to decreased estrogen production, which causes females to cease ovulation and mentration
Anemia, a blood disorder characterized by either a decrease in the number of read cells, or a reduction in hemoglobin; the body’s ability to carry oxygen frm the lungs to its tissues is reduced; often caused by an iron deficiancy
bingeing, an effect of starvation
decreased testicular function in men, some studies reveal a decrease in testosterone and certain male hormones
dental decay and discoloration
depressed immune system
dry skin; brittle hair and nails
edema, water retention, most commonly in the ankles and feet
endocrine abnormalities
high cholesterol, an effect of starvation, not necessarily warranting a low cholesterol diet
increased risk of osteoporosis, bones lose density and fracture easily
ketosis, the excessive accumultion of ketone bodies in the blood and urine, which is indicative of the body digesting its fat stores as a sole source of energy
kidney damage/failure, usually due to dehydration; many be worsened by the use of diuretics
lanugo, the growth of fine hair on the body, which is the body’s attempt to keep itself warm when fat stores are depleted
liver damage, a condition that is usually irreparable
loss of hair on the head
low blood pressure
low body temperature, causes anorexics to feel cold
muscle cramps and weakness, usually due to electrolyte imbalances
pancreatitis, the painful swelling of the pancreas evidenced by severe abdominal pain, distention, and fever
sensitivity to light and sound
yellow skin, also called hypercarotinemia
The Real Dangers Of Bulimia:
Repeated vomiting is obviously exposing teeth to the hydrochloric acid in the stomach very frequently, this will erode the teeth and cause unpleasnt dental problems.
Vomiting also causes swolen salivary glands, that can be visible on the outside of the neck.
Weight fluctuations.
Irregular menstural periods.
Kidneys may start to function poorly which may result in odema (swollen feet and ankles)
Irregular heartbeats
Muscle weaknesses
Epileptic seizures
Heart attacks and strokes, which can result in death!
A shortage of potassium can cause an eletrolyte imbalance, which causes:
Decreased blood pressure
Dry skin
Increased cholesterol
Weak reflexes
Irregular heart beat
General Weakness
Heart attacks and strokes – As well as many more symptoms!

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