I have just been reading though this site and their forums

…I will read more tomorrow… and probably try to write something if my head allows it…

In July last year I wrote an entry on this topic… (not really knowing all that much or understanding the concept of pro-anorexia)… But since then…and especially after a TV show was aired in the US about eating disorders with some mention of pro- eating disorders (I’m told)… I have noticed that the traffic to this site has increased enormously… Most of this traffic comes through search engines, like Google, AOL and Yahoo… Based on the comments, e-mail and other things (one of those things being the search stats for my journal) I have received on this post many of those visitors are looking for tips and/or tricks on how to be Anorexic… even on how to become Anorexic…. This makes me incredibly sad… and it hurts…

I have signed the petition on this site I mentioned above… I hope more people who read this will…

A definition of Pro-Anorexia according to this campaign:
“Pro-ana means, for the purpose of this campaign, anything that glamorizes, pushes, or otherwise promotes, anorexia, bulimia, and any other eating disorder, as a lifestyle choice, rather than a disease or illness. This includes images of dangerously thin women and men, classed as “Thinspiration”, this includes the sharing of “tips and tricks” to prolong the effects of an eating disorder.”
As someone who is already deep in my eating disorder I can not understand why anyone would actually want an eating disorder… There is no glory in having one… Eating disorders are and never will be a lifestyle… It is an illness… that makes your life a living hell

I know that the story of my eating disorder isn’t the most usual one… I have been under normal weight all my life? While growing up I was forced to purge… or I went for days where I didn’t get food… This wasn’t because there wasn’t enough food in the house… Instead it was a part of my mother’s delusion of needing to punish me… Also a part of this was being forced to eat all kinds of things that no one would ever consider eating… In her eyes I was evil… I didn’t deserve “normal” food… I didn’t deserve to be healthy… In her eyes…. I was taking up too much space… but yet at the same time I didn’t deserve to be dead… to her that was an easy way out….

I want to fight this… I do have a lot of issues… not only the ed… I don’t want her to be a part of my life anymore… not a part of my struggles with the eating disorder nor anything else…

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