As I’ve already posted…my therapist is moving away… I’m extremely anxious about that…sad… it’s normal I guess… I know there isn’t anything I can do to change that situation anyway… I’m just sad that’s she’s leaving but yet very thankful for everything she has done for me… But the thing is that I don’t know how I’m going to get by with out the sessions with her… I fear not having her around will be a big step backwards… isolation of some sort maybe…

I hate the fact that her replacement makes me feel every time we have a session… I feel like a freak… and that all he wants is to fill me up with drugs and keep me locked up forever… like I am a waste of his precious time… because I can’t speak properly… He actually said that to me a few days ago… That I was wasting his time… I needed to ask him a question… outside a scheduled session… I know this was something that for anyone else this would take 5 minutes or less… and it would have taken that time (or less) for me if he’d accept the question in writing… but no… rather than doing that …he tells me I have 10 minutes, which at the time seems enough… and it probably would have been enough…. but….

Talking to People Who Stutter

  1. Try not to finish sentences or fill in words. No one likes words put in his or her mouth. Problems can also multiply if you guess wrong.
  2. Avoid suggestions such as “Slow down,” “Relax,” of “Take a Breath.” If these suggestions worked, the person wouldn’t stutter.
  3. Wait patiently until your conversational partner is finished speaking. Maintain eye contact and try not to look embarrassed or alarmed.
  4. Talk about stuttering openly. It should not be a taboo subject. Your friend or family member will appreciate your interest in the subject.
  5. Do not be afraid to say, “I’ m sorry, I didn’t understand what you said.” No matter how much of a struggle your communication partner had with stating a point or idea, it is preferable to say something rather than to guess what you think was being said.
  6. Talk in a relaxed, slower than normal manner.
  7. Try not to interrupt.
  8. Do not criticize or correct the speech.

Since I know that there are people who I know in “real life” reading this journal… I wish for people to keep this in mind while talking to me… I am trying by best here…. this is my best at the moment…

….I never got to finish my question …which BTW is forgotten by now so it probably wasn’t very important anyway…. The question really isn’t the point of this post or the reason for the way I’m feeling right now… All I ask for is a little patience and understanding… but then again… maybe I’m asking for too much….

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