Sorry, this post is not for the squeamish… You’ve been warned…

I’ve had my share of those in the past ever since I first got it back in 2004… It’s not something I like to talk about though… I guess that’s one of many things I hide even though for me at least it’s a lot better having one than to piss blood with our but all the time…. but then again who wants to read about my poop?

The ‘wows’ me and my Winnie (Yes it’s named after Winnie The Pooh) have sort of a love hate relationship these days…. along with my PEJ-tube which has been feeding us since the beginning of the month… They, Winnie and MR Tube, are keeping me busy all day as every hour I have to run in to restroom and empty my bag… Although there is no blood involved (like before Winnie was born) it sure reminds me of those days… (or what I remember from that time) …sort of like run before it goes all over the place… Even during the night I have to be sure to wake up every now and then and check if the bag is getting close to exploding…

So last night I didn’t wake up in time…. and no alarm either as that would have woken Sunna up in time for sure… So while we were sleeping Winnie decides to play naughty and me and my wife wake up in the middle of the night (well morning for some… at 5:30 am) with output, enough to make an elephant (with diarrhea I might add) proud… all over us, the bed and sheets…. Now that’s not something that hasn’t happened before as I’ve had my bag fall off during the night before… but this was quite over the top…. for both of us I might add… I don’t think I need to tell you hove much better it was to have a shower and clean cloths… then clean up in the bedroom… and another shower after that… I guess the window will stay open until tonight at least…

How is that for a fun waking up in the mornings?

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