This is about a little boy named David…

When he was born no one was expecting him to arrive for another three weeks at least but he didn’t wait for the rest of the world to be ready.
His dad didn’t get the chance to see him arrive into the world as he was in another country far away working…

David was never quiet… he never got tired of asking questions….like he wanted to know everything there was to know….. David was the most curious kid and people who met him talked about it… His mom and dad used to joke about that and told people that his first word was “why?”

Like so many times before…. David’s dad came home very late in the night…. after many hours of work… or maybe it was morning already…. There was nothing different about that night… it was just as any other…. As many times before daddy decides to take a look at the kids….
Mr. Teddy Bear and David had kicked the covers down to the floor so daddy pick it up and tug them both in…

Everyone seems to be sound asleep…. but within a few minutes the house is awake….

Soon daddy has to leave again along with mommy and David’s baby sister…. Before they leave David climbs up to his dad lap and asks… “Why are you leaving? – Why can’t I come with you? Why can’t we all go?”

His daddy gives him a hug and a kiss on the cheek and tells him to be good…. and take care of the house until they come back….

Mommy and daddy never saw David again….


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