ok so I posted last night about me wanting to make an effort to speak more clearly… not going to repeat that…but please go a head and read that entry before continuing with this one if you haven’t already…

But anyway… in that entry I also asked if there were any questions that people might have…. well I have had a couple of questions already…. Thank you for that…. you know who you are 😉

A friend asked me if I had phantom pain or awareness of my tongue… or what’s missing from it… but for those who have no idea what that is or have never heard of such a thing… that is when you lose a part of you (the physical you… like by surgery or whatever) your nervous system won’t know it’s gone so it will keep ‘thinking’ the missing part is still there….

My answer is yes…. I do have an urge to stick out my tongue like the next person 😛 but really I do still have most of my tongue… and in fact the doctors who took care of me back when all of this was going on did try to save the whole thing but without luck… and that part had to be removed again due to lack of blood flow…. but instead a part of my leg muscle was put in there substituting partially for the missing piece of my tongue… I have no feeling in that ‘new’ part of my tongue and it really sits inside of my mouth and doesn’t do much at all as it’s really there to fill up my mouth rather than being a functional part of my existing tongue… but ok I went off track… so back to the subject of phantom pain/feeling…. but for instance I can’t really stick out my tongue…. however…. right now I can tell my brain to stretch the muscles that most people use when they stick out their tongue and touch my nose and I can “feel” it probably…. based purely on memory…. and yes I could really touch my nose with my tongue at one time…. 😉

Another question… about kissing 😛 ….and how that goes… well you might as well ask my wife on how that goes lol… but as far as I’m concerned…. if you don’t count French kissing, pretty much the same… 😉

That’s all for now…. I want more like these… if you have them… I won’t get offended…. nor will I bite…or stick my tongue out at ya! 😛 …so keep them questions coming… 😉 You can either send them through the contact form on this website… send me an email at gabriel.j.arsante @gmail.com… post it in the comments here below…. or contact me via private message on Facebook

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